Popular Vote and Electoral College

There seems to be much consternation about Ms. Clinton winning the popular vote, but losing the Electoral College.  She won a majority in the popular vote say many.  Well, no.  She may have more overall votes than Mr. Trump, but she did not win a majority.  Third party candidates took enough of the vote so that neither major party won the majority of the popular vote.

More importantly though, and what people don’t seem to understand, is that campaigns optimize their election efforts based on winning the Electoral College, not the popular vote.  Had the goal been to win the popular vote, then without a doubt, both parties would have tuned their strategies to do so.  In addition, had the path to victory for a candidate been to win the popular vote, an unknowable number of third party voters would likely have altered their votes. In other words, it would be a different election. No one knows what the result of the popular vote would have been had that determined the winner.  Consequently, the 0.5% lead that Ms. Clinton has in the popular vote means much less than the media and protestors imply. In my opinion what’s most unfortunate is that the media, in particular, doesn’t understand this.

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